I dare you to read this blog;

So I write this blog every week, pretty much without fail.

Many of you may well be thinking that I could surely make better use my time by earning millions and singing Karaoke Bieber? Because that’s how everyone spends their day off right? 

Or perhaps I could be true to Gloucestershire and become a farmer, spending my days on a combine ‘arvesterrrrr whilst passionately chewing straw.  I’d watch the world go by and greet everyone that passes with the phrase, ‘Alright, me loverrr’ Combine Harvester

But no – Not me. When not blogging, one might find me working with teenagers, performing comedy magic or tweeting nonsense. But there is one thing that underlines all of this, I’m living for an amazing God, who created the heavens and the earth.

These days, everyone has so much to live with, but nothing to live for – And I believe that this is why 75% of the UK say they lack purpose and meaning in life.

I came to recognise that you and I are no heavenly mistake but we have been created for a specific, unique purpose. Each of us should aim to be a first rate version of the person God made us to be, not a second rate person of someone else. The creator of the universe has given us a role to play because he values us as individuals. That alone is an incredible thought, because without the intention of the creator, the creation has no purpose or meaning.

We all have passions and dreams and it’s important to recognise that God honours them. In fact he created them. The bible says, ‘Take delight in God, and he will give you the desires of your heart.’

I’m not set to live a life of boredom or restriction, but I am passionate about spending every second of my living moments to fulfil a God given purpose.

What about you?

Do you have a sense of purpose and meaning?

Do you believe that God can give you the desires of your heart? 

Whether you believe in God or not – I’d like to offer to pray for anyone who reads this blog. Why not email, message, or text me with your request. All requests will be kept confidential. (info@laughingwithtom.co.uk)

Send me a FACEBOOK comment or TWEET me…

I’m also collecting stories of how this blog has impacted people – Let me know if it’s had an effect on you – no matter how large or small! 



About laughingwithtom

Tom Elliott is a Christian Communicator who is passionate about introducing people to Jesus. Tom is also a credible and experienced Comedian, Magician, Speaker and writer, with a heart to use his gifts for the extension of Gods Kingdom. He has travelled extensively throughout the UK and abroad, whilst also being on the leadership team of his home church in Gloucestershire. Tom has been mentored by some of the UK’s most influential evangelists including J.John, Steve Legg, Mark Greenwood, Mark Ritchie, Matt Summerfield, Barry Woodward and more. Through his acclaimed show, Tom captures the attention of non believers through quality entertainment and as a result has been able to share his faith on TV, Radio, Online, in schools, churches & theatres reaching thousands of people with the Gospel. Tom has also taken his work to many large scale events and Festivals such as ‘New Wine’, ‘Detling,’ ‘Gorsley’, ‘Greenbelt’ and ‘Spring Harvest’ Tom is honoured to be an Ambassador for the international Christian charity ‘Compassion’ who work to change lives in over 26 countries that suffer extreme poverty. Toms desire is to see all people take hold of Jesus’ promise of life to the full. On stage and off stage, Tom’s passion for this fulfilment of life is contagious. Tom has been personally trained by expert entertainers and in 2013, Tom contributed to a book titled ‘Does God LOL’ alongside some of the biggest names in comedy, to raise money for national charity, ‘Mary’s Meals’. This book is now available in many good book stores. www.laughingwithtom.co.uk
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