Doing life…

We are back from honeymoon and Natalie is doing well in living with me. We had a fab week in Blackpool, visiting the pleasure beach, Blackpool dungeons and she even let me see an illusion show and she enjoyed it! Yes!!

You must appreciate that she has now signed up to a life time of ‘Hey pick a card’ which isn’t the most exciting part of Marriage for most.

Though, despite this, I genuinely believe I have everything it takes to make this a successful marriage … a quiet charm, a calm manner, and the ability to make her disappear if necessary.  🙂

Things are going well – Yesterday, Natalie cooked, cleaned and sat down with a cup of tea. She said herself that she felt like a proper wife! I ate the food, emailed people and put the bins out. I also felt like a proper husband. (Please note: We share the cleaning and cooking and so I do more than eat & email! Promise)

We have now signed up to doing life together but we are assured that we are not alone in this adventure. As committed Christians, we both believe that God is living life with us. He is central in our relationship and to our individual lives.

You might ask, what difference does that make? Well, it means that we are journeying through marriage & life with the help of he who designed it all! God is the author and sustainer of life and his way is always best.

Life is an adventure…Dare it
Life is a love…Enjoy it
Life is a Tragedy…Face it
Life is a struggle…Fight it
Life is a promise…Fulfill it

After all, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jesus came to give LIFE and life in all it’s fullness.

Why not invite God to ‘do life ‘ with you? It will be an incredible adventure & experience.

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About laughingwithtom

Tom Elliott is a Christian Communicator who is passionate about introducing people to Jesus. Tom is also a credible and experienced Comedian, Magician, Speaker and writer, with a heart to use his gifts for the extension of Gods Kingdom. He has travelled extensively throughout the UK and abroad, whilst also being on the leadership team of his home church in Gloucestershire. Tom has been mentored by some of the UK’s most influential evangelists including J.John, Steve Legg, Mark Greenwood, Mark Ritchie, Matt Summerfield, Barry Woodward and more. Through his acclaimed show, Tom captures the attention of non believers through quality entertainment and as a result has been able to share his faith on TV, Radio, Online, in schools, churches & theatres reaching thousands of people with the Gospel. Tom has also taken his work to many large scale events and Festivals such as ‘New Wine’, ‘Detling,’ ‘Gorsley’, ‘Greenbelt’ and ‘Spring Harvest’ Tom is honoured to be an Ambassador for the international Christian charity ‘Compassion’ who work to change lives in over 26 countries that suffer extreme poverty. Toms desire is to see all people take hold of Jesus’ promise of life to the full. On stage and off stage, Tom’s passion for this fulfilment of life is contagious. Tom has been personally trained by expert entertainers and in 2013, Tom contributed to a book titled ‘Does God LOL’ alongside some of the biggest names in comedy, to raise money for national charity, ‘Mary’s Meals’. This book is now available in many good book stores.
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