Bring it on, Incredible Hulk!

As you can probably tell, I am a committed body builder and muscle enthusiast. I have been to the gym TWICE this week. That’s an incredible amount of pumping up those muscles! Here is a picture of my Frank Bruno impression…Quite accurate I think. The biceps are bursting the seems of the top and of course, I have yet to show you the full extent of my strength!

Ok, maybe it’s time to get real. I’m not exactly a body builder. I’m not really a man of great strength. In fact, compared to the guy next to me in the gym last night, I look like a scrawny a sausage dog.
This guy didn’t have muscles, he practically had Mount Everest growing in his upper arm! No matter how many weights he added, his arms seemed to take the pressure.

However, his face couldn’t quite keep up with his arms. As the arms tightened, the face did too, but whereas his arms looked strong, his face looked like it was about to melt into a pond of sweat and cracks began to emerge.

Nonetheless, the incredible hulk would have been impressed. This man had enough strength to fight his way through the day. He had the ability to push aside whatever was in his way.

As a Christian, I have a different kind of strength. A strength that’s far beyond what I could ever achieve physically.
A strength that comes from my creator and sustainer God.

Physical strength alone won’t get you through life. It’s great to be healthy and it’s fine to have big muscles, but when challenges come, physical strength isn’t always the answer.

You know, God promises in the bible that his strength is made perfect in our weakness. When we feel weak and broken, HE is strong and he is reliable.

He welcomes us to call on him.

I don’t know whether you believe in God, but next time you feel weak, il-equipped or powerless, why not give God a try?

Because his strength, his power is made perfect in our weakness.

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About laughingwithtom

Tom Elliott is a Christian Communicator who is passionate about introducing people to Jesus. Tom is also a credible and experienced Comedian, Magician, Speaker and writer, with a heart to use his gifts for the extension of Gods Kingdom. He has travelled extensively throughout the UK and abroad, whilst also being on the leadership team of his home church in Gloucestershire. Tom has been mentored by some of the UK’s most influential evangelists including J.John, Steve Legg, Mark Greenwood, Mark Ritchie, Matt Summerfield, Barry Woodward and more. Through his acclaimed show, Tom captures the attention of non believers through quality entertainment and as a result has been able to share his faith on TV, Radio, Online, in schools, churches & theatres reaching thousands of people with the Gospel. Tom has also taken his work to many large scale events and Festivals such as ‘New Wine’, ‘Detling,’ ‘Gorsley’, ‘Greenbelt’ and ‘Spring Harvest’ Tom is honoured to be an Ambassador for the international Christian charity ‘Compassion’ who work to change lives in over 26 countries that suffer extreme poverty. Toms desire is to see all people take hold of Jesus’ promise of life to the full. On stage and off stage, Tom’s passion for this fulfilment of life is contagious. Tom has been personally trained by expert entertainers and in 2013, Tom contributed to a book titled ‘Does God LOL’ alongside some of the biggest names in comedy, to raise money for national charity, ‘Mary’s Meals’. This book is now available in many good book stores.
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2 Responses to Bring it on, Incredible Hulk!

  1. Andrew Doust says:

    Great Blog Tom. I like it.

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